Deptford Recycling Centre

Recycling At the forefront of HTL's continuing development as a leading Waste Management Services provider in London is the Deptford Recycling Centre.

The Deptford Recycling Centre is a six acre freehold site licensed to handle 200,000 tonnes of general waste per year. This state of the art facility provides the foundation to all the services that HTL and the group company members offer. From this strategic location our fleet covers the largest concentration of businesses and commercial concerns in the country. The facilities we offer surpass all that the competition has to offer. With the site owned as a freehold and being adjacent to SELCHP we will service this areas waste and recycling needs long after our neighbours leases have expired.

HTL Waste and Recycling Services have long invested in the latest available technology to ensure we remain at the forefront of the recycling and waste industry. A variety of complimentary recycling equipment has been developed including waste reduction and segregation plants and a manually operated and elevated station for waste stream segregation (Materials Reclamation Facility - MRF). Further plans include an almost fully automated material recycling facility aimed at dry co-mingled recyclates.

In addition to the volume waste collected by HTL and the group companies, Deptford acts as a major Transfer Station for both private and public businesses. The Deptford Recycling centre also acts as a partner to SELCHP at those times the facility is closed due to routine maintenance or breakdown.

The Deptford Recycling Centre has and always will play a major role in handling, sorting and recycling London's waste. The company strives to ensure that the business has the staff and resources to meet the high demands and requirements of our clients, the environment, current and future legislation. As a business our committed aim is reduce, reuse and recycle and ensure that this simple philosophy extends to all our services and clients.

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