What do HTL recycle?

  • Paper
  • Card

  • Metal
  • Plastic

HTL recycle plastics, metals, paper and cardboard. We collect separate streams of these recyclables as well as a mixed recyclate stream. We aim to ensure that your commercial choice to recycle is kept simple and hassle free. After collection of your recyclables we may sort and bundle each recycling stream for forward shipping to the recycling processors.

Loose office paper, envelopes, newspaper and magazines are sorted and bundled into bales and transported to a paper processor. We can provide collection containers ranging from 60L bags to 1100L bins as well as cages and compactors to suit all requirements and budgets.

There are two main types of cardboard, corrugated cardboard, typically used for packaging and flat cardboard, typically used for cereal packets. Cardboard packaging constitutes a large proportion of this type of waste and is best collected in bales for onward shipping. Loose cardboard can also be collected using our range of containers as with paper.

We collect and separate ferrous and non ferrous metals.

Ferrous Metals
These are metals which contain iron. All ferrous metals are magnetic and give little resistance to corrosion.

Non Ferrous
These are metals which do not contain any iron. They are not magnetic and are usually more resistant to corrosion than ferrous metals.

There are over 50 different types of plastic which have been divided into seven categories, PET which typically used for fizzy drink bottles, HDPE used for milk bottles, PVC for clingfilm, LDPE for carrier bags, PP for butter tubs, PS for plasticvending cups and hamburger boxes and Other which is any other plastic which does not fit into the previous categories. We will shred or bale plastics for onward shipping to processors. We do not export any of our recyclables but use UK based reprocessors.

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